Exchange Rates

  Buying (GHS) Selling (GHS)
U.S Dollar $ 5.51590 5.53150
British Pound 7.17680 7.18450
Euro 6.07170 6.07520
Swiss Franc 5.66080 5.66470
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Treasury Bill Rates

Period Rate(%)
182 - Day 15.24490
91-Day 14.74780
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What we offer

Investment management and planning

Customized wealth management spread in stocks, real estates, and money market products.

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Financial risk management

Advise and arrange insurance packages for investments, properties, vehicles, and businesses.

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Tax Optimization

Tax efficiency and filing of annual returns with the regulatory authourities.

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Retirement fund & pension planning

Long-term retirement fund product that will allow regular investment

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Educational fund management

Long-term fund with an insurance cover to ensure sustainability

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Estate management and planning

Acquisition, management and disposal of lands and properties. Filing of wills, trusts and life assurances with assistance from specialized lawyers.

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